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Don’t just list your home—Market it!

  • Zillow Premier: I’m a Zillow Premier Agent which means I “own zip codes” in the local area on the nation’s largest real estate search website. That means My contact profile comes up on more searches for local areas, and in some obtaining up to 84.9% more exposure!

  • Print Media: I still advertise in Print. I know that sounds “Old Fashioned” but I wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work. Of course, not all properties fit well in the print market, so we find other avenues for them. However, in many cases, a particular set of properties advertised this way certainly makes the phone ring! Also, our “Just Listed” and general mailing postcards and brochures help keep our name at the tip of everyone’s tongues when talking real estate.

  • Personal website. You’ve found it didn’t you?! My website is designed to capture leads. It may not be the page with the most FLASH, but it is engineered to help buyers find exactly what they want, and that is the perfect home for them. I hope that this service creates loyalty and trust enough to use me as their source for information and property purchase.

  • Signage: Our area is highly dependent on tourism. Tens of thousands of guests find our area as their vacation destination year after year. Our prominently displayed and highly recognizable signs give buyers who found your home online the ability to call or text me for additional info. Who better to give them that info than your listing agent?!

  • ChantRE.com – Our company’s website is one of the highest displayed, and most used real estate websites in the area. We have secretaries at the office all day, 7 days a week to help assist prospective homebuyers get in touch with the right agent in our company to answer questions on your home!

  • High Quality Photos: Long ago, the photo the agent took of your home didn’t matter since it was in a 1 inch blurry classified ad in the newspaper. Now, these online sites provide buyers dozens and dozens of photos, and they better be professional grade. If you’re listing is still shot with a cell phone camera, you’re at a disadvantage in the competition for eyeballs on the web! You deserve high quality, properly edited and staged shots to showcase the best features of your home.

  • Creative Marketing Solutions: I love to sit down with sellers to discuss showcasing the best features of your home. Would you benefit from aerial photography taken from a drone? Would you benefit from open houses, what about advertising your home in a special publication to attract buyers with similar interests to be exposed to your home? These are all things that I’ve found to work in getting your property sold.

  • New Social Media Campaign: Our revamped social media strategy profiles your home for maximum exposure to the very people who would be interested in it the most, resulting in maximum compatibility to ensure your home fits their check list items.

  • Referral Network: Our exclusive referral network “Leading Real Estate Companies of the World” is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to referring customers world wide. The motto “We’re Local, We’re Global” rings true and provides you the top exposure to top producing real estate offices all around the world. There’s so much additional info on our referral network explained in this video here:Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Bottom line: Don’t settle for just being listed on the MLS. It’s a good first step, but we have thousands of homes on the MLS. Your home deserves to rise above the mundane and get maximum exposure!

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