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Lake Wallenpaupack Lakefronts

Lake Wallenpaupack is the heart and soul of our section of the Poconos. Saddled between Pike County and Wayne County sits this absolutely gorgeous 5,700 acre man-made lake. These counties were once separated by a creek up until the 1920's when it was dammed to make hydro electric power and still operates as a power generation lake to this day. People from all over the country recognize the name Lake Wallenpaupack, although some find it hard to pronounce! We're just a bit over 2 hours from the G.W. Bridge and even closer to North Jersey. Homes on the lake start around the $400,000 mark and go up to the multi-millions. If the lakefronts don't fit your budget, check out our Lake Wallenpaupack Lake Rights page which shows all the homes that have direct access to the lake, but aren't technically right on the water. Lake Wallenpaupack is the perfect playground for all your boating, sailing, jetskiing, fishing, tubing, water skiing, or lake cruising fun. Check out some of our "Dock-and-Dine" restaurants around the lake during your next visit. This lake is the epicenter of the local economy, the paramount standard for luxury homes, and is second home/vacation friendly!