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Tanglwood North

Tanglwood North (Tafton, PA)

Tanglwood North is where I call home.  I love that it’s just a few minutes from Interstate 84, and a few minutes the other way to Lake Wallenpaupack. Recently the community just purchased the old “Tanglwood Ski Slope” property which the community surrounds and although it won’t be used as a ski slope again, it’s a fantastic 85 acre playground to run around in, hike, and see tons of wildlife as a community member. It backs up to thousands of acres of PA State Game Land. My favorite part is seeing the deer and turkeys graze up and down the slopes right as the sun sets over Lake Wallenpaupack. Did I mention the views of the lake and mountains are amazing?! Seriously, you can see for something like 30 miles. I think that and the close location to everything is my favorite part. You can find a few homes in the low $100k range, but most run in the $150k - $250k range. Most lot sizes are half acre minimum to 1 acre parcels. Do you want to live up here full time and be close to work, shopping, and interstates? Choose Tanglwood North.

Lake Wallenpaupack Aerial 1.jpg